Why work with Dubet?

Our most important distinguishing values:

  • Dubet has the capacity to source complete and high-quality used industrial bakery production lines;
  • Guaranteed results: Dubet can take the entire process out of your hands, guaranteeing the highest chance of success.

What does Dubet do?

Dubet is your reliable partner for used bakery equipment and production lines;

  • We buy your used bakery equipment;
  • We sell used bakery equipment;
  • We search for used bakery equipment;
  • We offer professional and technical services to guarantee the success of the project (project management, engineering, disassembly, transport, installation)

How does Dubet do it?

  • 20+ years of (technical and technological) experience and knowledge;
  • Dubet takes full responsibility for the project, offers transparency and operational support and is interested in long term relationships.

Cooperation with Integrated Bakery

Dubet works closely with its sister company, Integrated Bakery (IB). IB is a System Integrator. In a nutshell, this means that they can deliver the most optimal turn-key total solution and will take responsibility for the final result, including achievement guarantees. This means the customer only has to deal with one supplier rather than many. For more information go to: www.integratedbakery.com

Integrated Bakery

A piece of history

Since 1992, Frans van der Schoot, Managing Director of Dubet, has been operating with his engineering firm, Project Techniek, in the Dutch and Belgian baking industry. In this capacity, he has been involved in both new and renovation projects of bakeries. He started to get more and more questions from clients about what they should do with machines and production lines that became redundant, but were still in good condition. We identified sufficient possibilities, and upon request, we started to sell these used baking machines and production lines. In 2000, when the supply and sales of these products became substantial and with the arrival of Rino van der Burght as Managing Partner, we began to focus on the purchase and sale of used baking machines and production lines under the name Dubet.

Nowadays Dubet has won its spurs in the worldwide baking industry and has developed a very large network. In recent years, Dubet began focussing on high-quality (A and B + brands) and on machines and production lines from and for the industrial and semi-industrial baking sector.

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Benefits of working with Dubet

  • Services to guarantee success
  • 20+ years of knowledge and experience
  • High-quality production lines

What we do

Dubet is your reliable partner for used bakery equipment

  1. We buy used bakery equipment

  2. We sell used bakery equipment

  3. We search for used bakery equipment

Additional services to guarantee the success of the project

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