Product specifications

Line consists of:

Conveyor belt, 2600 mm. in length, frequency controlled
Flourduster, frequency controlled
Extruder, with 40 liter teflonised dough hopper, mounted on movable frame
Driven side pressure rollers
Multiroller, frequency controlled
Conveyor belt, 3000 mm. in length, frequency controlled
Calibrating head, frequency controlled
Conveyor belt, 2000mm. in length
2 flourdusters
Longitudal circular cutting knifes with 2 blades
Brushes to remove excess dough
Longitudel circular cutting knifes with 3 blades
Spreading belt, consisting of multiple snares, frequency controlled
Conveyor belt, 2500 mm. in length
Guillotine, electrically driven. maximum cuts 100 per minute, maximum product height 40 mm
Cutting tool for triangles
Wire mesh conveyor belt, 2x 800 mm. frequency controlled, belts are removable for cleaning
Water spraying device, Height and width adjustable
Strewer, for herbs and seeds, frequency controlled
Retracting belt, Infinitely adjustable retracting length between 350 and 750 mm, frequency controlled

Electrical connection: 230/400 volt, 50 Hz
Touch screen for line control

Year 2004
Capacity Maximum 800 Kg/Hour
Location Western Europe
Machine number 694
In production? Yes

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