Product specifications

Complete plant for manufacturing of bread flour
Manufacturers: Bühler, Gruber Hermanos, Myfa, Pedro Gil
Capacity: 130 tons per day
Year of construction: some items from 1996, newly installed in 1998
Out of production

Consisting of:

(2) 1000-mm double-sided grist mills (Bühler)
(1) 500-mm double-sided grist mill (Bühler)
(1) 600-mm double-sided grist mill (Bühler)
(4) 800-mm double-sided compression mills (Bühler) (Mills designed for individual connection and pre-installation for automated clutch)
(1) Oscillating screen plansifter or sifter (Bühler)
(1) Oscillating screen plansifter or sifter (Robinson)
(1) Small plansifter or sifter (Bühler)
(1) Moisture regulation and water dosage system (Myfa and Bühler)
(1) Purifier for semolina (Bühler)
(1) Table separator (de-stoner) (Bühler)
(1) Entoleter or steriliser (Bühler)
Aspiration cyclones (Bühler)
Aspiration cyclones (Gruber Hermanos)
Aspiration separators (Bühler)
Impact separators (Bühler)
Burnishing machine
Brushing machines (Bühler)
Brushing machines for bran (Bühler)
Blower unit (Pedro Gil)
Bucket elevators, aspiration tubes, pumps, motors, etc.

Electrical information: 220/380 V – 3ph-50Hz
Controlled by Telemechanique PLC
Basement floor – 87 m² approx.
Ground, first and second floor – each approx. 120 m²


Year 1998
Capacity 130 tons per day
Location Western Europe
Machine number 621
In production? No

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