Product specifications

Manufacturers: VMI, WP, Turkington, Capway, Dowson
Capacity: 3000 loaves/hour
Years of manufacturing: 1995-2009
Out of production, can be seen in working condition, without dough
Consisting of:

  • DAM flour weighing system
  • Stevens ingredient scales

Dough preparation

  • 2 x VMI spiral mixers, model SPI550 DAVI, 320 kg dough capacity, 3 stainless steel movable bowls
  • VMI bowl lifter
  • WP divider, model TM 700 HDM, weight range 300-1400 gram
  • WP conical rounder, model CR59

Proofing + make-up

  • Glimek pre-proofer, proofing time 3-8 minutes
  • APV moulder, model Supertex
  • Turkington transport conveyors
  • Capway final proofer, proofing time adjustable (current use 60 minutes)
  • Capway tin lidder


  • FEN oven loader
  • Thermopan oven, diesel oil fired, wire mesh belt, 3 x 24 meters, baking surface 72m²
  • Capway tin de-lidder
  • Spooner Vicars suction depanner

Tin transport

  • Arcrivan tin sprayer
  • Dubor tin greaser


  • Triphase double spiral cooler, omnigrid belt, width 660 mm, cooling time 90 minutes, forced cold air system
  • Transport to packaging

Crustless bread section

  • Gasparin top, bottom, side crust slicer, model 110/TRA + crust recovery conveyors
  • Solarec infrared oven with 7 meter Teflon belt

Slice and packaging

  • Dale coldbread conveyors
  • Mettler metal detector
  • 2 x Dowson slice and packaging lines
  • 2 x Dowson bread slicer, model B 51 M
  • 2 x Dowson bread bagger, model ML 70
  • 2 x Select Packaging bread bag sealer, model MIT 4
Brand , ,
Year 1995 - 2009
Capacity 3000 loaves / hour
Machine number 488
In production? No
Sold Yes
  • Complete bread production line, with crustless bread section

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