Product specifications

Manufacturers: Silos Dam, Diosna, Maquinaria Vinas, Termopan
Year: 2003
– 22.000 croissants of 22 gram
– 18.000 croissants of 30 gram
Out of Production

Consisting of:

2x Flour silos, Silos Dam, 25 Ton each, aluminum

2x Diosna SPV 120 with 4 bowls
1x Diosna W 240 with 2 bowls
Sancassiano vertical mixing system, Kryos Force
Bottom discharge
Sandwich incline belt

Laminator, Maquinarias Vinas
Infeed conveyor
2x Flour duster
Pressure roller
Outfeed conveyor
Cross roller
Fat nozzle
Folding shoes
Pressure roller
First Laminating swing
Transport conveyor
Flour duster
Long overlapping transport conveyor
Second Laminating swing
Transport conveyor
Left/Right conveyor to Croissant machine or to Palmier make up section
Transport conveyor
Docking roller
Gauging station
Flour brush
OPM croissant machine
Long slicer
Croissant cutting roller
Croissant moulding unit
Retracting belt
Outfeed conveyor to proofer
Conveyor to Palmier section
Laminating swing
Cross conveyor
Palmier folding section
Palmier guillotine
Outfeed conveyor to proofer

Oval spiral proofer 1997
Wire mesh conveyor
14 Levels, proofing time 105 minutes
Insulated panels, 2 doors
Climate controlled
Outfeed conveyor
Egg spray unit

Termopan tunnel oven
Steel belt, width 1000 mm
Length 48 meter
Weishaupt burners, 3 zones
Gas (Propane)

Spiral cooler
9 Levels
Wire mesh conveyor

Alimec chocolate injector
16 Rows, year 1998
Conveyors to packaging

3x Flow wrapper Ilapack
Transport conveyors
2x Multihead weigher
2x Rovema vertical forming, filling and sealing machines
2x Metal detector
2x Check weigher

Brand ,
Year 2003
Capacity 18.000 - 22.000 croissants, depending on weight
Location Western Europe
Machine number 676
In production? No

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