Product specifications

Manufacturers: WP Haton, Benier, Vulganus, Hartmann
Building year: 1992 – 2008
Product: Free baked bread
Capacity: 300 gram product, 2100 pieces per hour
Capacity: 500 gram product, 1930 pieces per hour
Weight range: Various
Out of production, start dismantling within one week
Equipment is also offered as separate items

Consisting of:


  • Benier divider, type: B9350
  • Cross outfeed conveyor
  • Transfer conveyor
  • WP Haton conical rounder, type: CCR59
  • Intermediate proofer
  • Outfeed conveyor high
  • Benier long moulder, type MI 600


  • Telko OY final proofer
    Dimensions: (WxLxH) 4000 x 19800 x 1880 mm, swings 180pcs, swing length 2350mm.


  • Transfer conveyor to oven
  • Maschinenfabrik Kyfhauserhutte Artern GmbH electric tunnel oven
    Wiremesh belt, (WxL) 2000 x 24000 mm
  • Outfeed conveyor with 90° turn


  • Vulganus spiral cooler, type: VNS660-53
    24 levels
    Belt width: 650mm
    Total height: 4900mm
    Product height: 200 mm
    Diameter of drum: 2700mm
    Total diameter: 4500mm
  • Outfeed spiral cooler with slides


  • Transport conveyor
  • Ipeka Masterslicer
  • Hartman bagger, type: GBK 220

Electrical information: 3x400V – 3Ph – 50Hz

Brand , ,
Year 1992 - 2008
Capacity Depending on product
Location Eastern Europe
Machine number 646
In production? No

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