Product specifications

Manufacturer: Farhat Est.
Capacity 4-8 trays per minute (tray dimension 600×800 mm)
Year 2011
Out of production, still installed in line, can be seen in working condition.
Fully automatic production line for Grissini, consisting of:

  • Dough feeder including loading belt
  • Tray buffer and charger
  • Sheeting unit composed of successive continuous sheeting and stress-free laminating rollers
  • Dividing unit with 3 different moulds: removable head composed of two grooved stainless steel rolls which act to give the desired diameter of the breadsticks
  • Water bath unit
  • Seasoning unit for pepper/salt/seeds etc.
  • Product conveying; the breadsticks are settled on chains to stretch them
  • Sesame seed dispenser
  • Cutting unit, stainless steel blade
  • Automatic arranging on tray

Electrical detail: 220/380V-3-50 Hz
PLC control system, interfacing with a control keyboard


  • 400 Aluminized steel trays 600×800 mm
  • 3 moulds

Manuals and technical documentation available

Year 2011
Capacity 4-8 trays per minute (tray dimension 600x800 mm)
Machine number 437
In production? No
  • Year of manufacturing 2011

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