Product specifications

Complete bread plant for tin bread and buns & rolls
Manufacturers: Kaak, Diosna, Spiromatic, Benier, Tromp, König, Numafa, Hartmann
Year: 2000
Capacity: tin bread 2800/h, capacity buns & rolls 18.000/h
In production, available from 3rd quarter 2015

Tin bread line
Consisting of:

  • Spiromatic Silo installation, 4x 32 ton
  • H2 recipe dosing installation
  • Diosna linear mixing system, SPV-240A, 8 stainless steel bowls
  • Diosna bowl lifter
  • Benier 4 pocket divider, Benier Check weigher, Benier conical rounder, Benier pre-proofer, Benier longmoulder MI 600
  • Transport with tiger paste decoration
  • Final proofer, elevator system infeed/discharge
  • Transport with tin detection and scoring unit + 4 decoration stations
  • Tromp Decojet water scoring, Kaak marking unit
  • Transport, suction depanner, Kaak bread in pan detection, transport bread to cooling conveyor
  • Pan cooling conveyor, robot pan storage system, 2x pan turning units, Bakon pan greasing unit, Return transport to moulder

Bun & roll line
Consisting of:

  • H2 recipe dosing installation
  • 2 Diosna mixers with bottom discharge, SP 200 E
  • Konig pre-portioning hopper ,Trö 160
  • Konig bun & roll line, Industrial II, Type T/6/5-S-1/1-70/g ZB 800, 6 rows, make up for buns and rolls, retracting belt, tray dimension 60×80 cm
  • Final proofer, elevator system infeed/discharge, bypass system
  • Transport to Daub oven and transport with scrabble depanner to cooling conveyor
  • Transport, plate brush cleaning unit, crumble suction, plate cooling tunnel, plate buffer system

Daub oven

  • Combined for tin bread and buns & rolls
  • Oven elevator loader, Daub Hanseat Thermo oil oven, 4 levels, total baking surface152 m², elevator unloader
  • Cooling conveyor
  • Combined for tin bread and buns & rolls
  • Cooling transport in 2 lanes, 5 levels, splitting for tin bread and buns & rolls

Packaging tin bread
Consisting of:

  • Safeline metal detector
  • Crate filling system
  • Crate lift
  • Discharge transport bread in crate
  • Robot crate stacker

Packaging bun & rolls
Consisting of:

  • Safe line metal detector
  • Double loading station
  • Hartman Flowpacker GMD 420
  • Robot crate stacker

Additional equipment

  • TU big bag station for 6 bags
  • Packo Yeast installation
  • Prokal steam boiler
  • Numafa crate washer
  • Crate buffer system, capacity 10.000 pcs
Brand , , , , , , ,
Year 2000
Capacity tin bread 2800/h, capacity buns & rolls 18.000/h
Machine number 191
In production? Yes
Sold Yes
  • A-brand production line
  • Complete production line for tin bread and bun rolls
  • Very well maintained

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