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Product specifications

Automatic sandwich pancake line
Manufacturer: Masdac, Sigma, Cake Concepts, Omori, Protehel
Year: 2019
Capacity: 6.000 sandwiched pieces / hour
Weight range: 30 and 42 grams gram
Location Eastern Europe
In storage

Line consisting of:

2 pc. Sigma BM80 planetary mixers, 80 liters capacity
2 pc. Unifiller hopper topper powerlift pumps, volume 11 – 49 liters/minute
Masdac SDR-KAM-60GC sandwich cake machine, incl. tooling for 30 and 42 grams product
• 12 rows across
• turning device
• merging system to go from 12 to 6 rows across
• 2 depositors to add 2 fillings
• sandwiching section
• imprinting section to add a cartoon or logo on the product
Cake Concepts ambient cooling belt, length 11,2 meters
Cake Concepts cooling tunnel (Freon), length 12,8 meters
Omori transport and packaging station with robotic transfer station, flow packer
Protehel copper plate washing system (2020)

Electrical: 3 x 400 V – 50Hz

Year 2019
Capacity 6.000 pieces/hour
Location Eastern Europe
Machine number 923
In production? No
Sold Yes

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