Product specifications

Full automatic pizza base production line
Manufacturer: Den Boer, Op ‘t Root
Building year: 1997
Product: Pizza base
Capacity: 2300 pieces per hour @ 250 mm diameter 3500 pieces per hour on 125 mm diameter.
Range: 125-250mm diameter
Consisting of:

Op ‘t Root Dough divider
Type: HD 95-3

Op ‘t Root Roundmoulder
Type: KOB370V

Op ‘t Root Intermediate proofer
Type: BRK
Equipped with Humidity and temperature control

Doedijns, Hydraulic pizza press
Type: QT42-032/42-032
Equipped with heated press

Tray buffer

Den Boer ovenbouw, oven loader and unloader

Den Boer Maxoflex Oven
Type: Maxoflex 86110
Indirect heated
Oil fired burner
Asbestos free

Vacuum depanner
To transfer pizza bases from tray to cooling belt

400 trays included, 200 for small pizza base and 200 trays for the big diameter pizza base.

Electrical information:

Brand ,
Year 1997
Capacity 2.300 - 3.500 pieces per hour
Location Western Europe
Machine number 705
In production? No
  • Full automatic line

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