Product specifications

Cake line to produce Plum cake, Sponge cake and Pastel Marmol (round and rectangular)
Manufactures: Artiflex, Dubor, Gorreri, Indumatic, Thermopan, Mayma
Year: 2010-2013
Capacity: 600 kg dough/hour
Out of production, still in line

Manual tray infeed
Dubor TSA 800, 2013 oil spray unit , with double jacket oil tank, direct tray/mould filling, 2systems
1 Linear system with 16 pistols (Rectangular cakes).
1 Circular centrical system with 3 pistols (Round cakes)
Hopper with level control

Gorreri dosing unit SRL,DG800, 2013
1 Dosing station 3×3 for round cakes or
1 Dosing system for rectangular
Indumatic dosing system for 2 colors, 8×2 injecton valves
Transport conveyor
2x 90º conveyor to oven
Termopan Oven, Model CR 1650×30, Gas, Baking surface 1,65×30 meter = 49,5 m2, 2xWeishaupt burner, 6 Zones, Baking time max 54 minutes (adjustable)
Discharge conveyor
2 Depanner systems
1 Needle depanner
1 Tray turning depanner 180º
Products to belt of the cooler, Trays/moulds back in continious transport system
Spiral cooler, Isolated panels, Climate controlled, Belt tensioner, 10 Levels, Belt width 1000 mm, Distance between the levels 160 mm, Height of spiral 3,5 meter
Discharge belt
Mayma row in liner and stopper
Second stopper
Needle injector 32 injectors (8×4) for the plum cake ( injection up to 50 gram)
Mayma chocolate enrobing line
Temprering boiler
Chocolate enrobing with open wire mesh belt
Chocolate circulation pump
Chocolate storage
Mayma Cooling tunnel
Covered, belt controlled, compressor
Manual take of the products

Year 2010 - 2013
Capacity 600 kg dough/hour
Location Western Europe
Machine number 686
In production? No
Sold Yes

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