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Product specifications

Manufacturer: Rondo
Model: ASTec.D
Year: 2013
Capacity: Up to 5000 kg dough per hour
Weight range: 25 till 4500 grams
Location: USA
Out of production, in storage

Consisting of:

Stocking hopper
Conveyor belt and conveyor dough belt guides
Midos Dough band former
Flour duster
Satellite unit
Flour duster
Calibrating unit
Flour duster
Calibrating unit
Flour removal brush
Longitudinal cutting unit
Spreading belt
Spreading belt
Panning machine with scrap ejector
Spreading belt
Conveyor belt for panning
Full set of conveyors for scrap return to head of machine with guillotine

Line footprint: 32 meters x 3 meters (L x W)

Year 2013
Capacity Up to 5000 kg dough per hour hour
Location United States of America
Machine number 935
In production? No

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