Product specifications

Rusk production line / Grissini production line
Manufacturer: De Ridder, Polin, Imasezzadio, Record, Sancassiano
Year of manufacturing: 1991 – 2003
Out of production, still in line

Production lines consisting of:

  • 2 silos, 1x 9 ton, 1x 5 ton + weighing head 50 kg, dust suction.
    Ingredient dosing system for yeast, salt and sugar
    2 x Sancassiano mixers SE 200 with 3 movable stainless steel bowls
    Bowl lifter

Rusk production line consisting of:

  • Hopper
    De Ridder divider, weight range 250-1000 gram
    Cebat conical rounder
    De Ridder pre-proofer, proofing time 15 min
    Longmoulder with double roll moulding system, curling net and pressure plate
    Manual product take off in baking trays (63×39 cm) and manual transfer in racks
    The proofer is a brick layered enclosure and belongs to the building so is not included.
    Polin oven, gas heated, 1,4×40 m, 1 burner, wire mesh belt
    Manual product take off from the trays
    Gasparin bread slicer, manual infeed, slice width 15 mm, total width 640 mm
    Manual loading of the sliced breads on the infeed of the oven in 12 lanes
    Polin Oven, gas heated, 1,15×18 m, 1 burner, wire mesh belt, baking time 20 minutes
    Cooling belt 0,8x 6 m

Imasezzadio rusk packaging line consisting of:

  • Incline conveyor to the packaging, year of manufacturing 1991, vibrating unit 4 lanes, counting units, 2 weigh stations
    Capacity: bags of 350 gram, 400 gram, 1000 gram, 40 bags per minute depending on the weight

Grissini production line consisting of:

  • Sheeting line with 4 calibrating heads, folding conveyor, 3 calibrating heads, resting conveyor
    Dough shaper, spreading belts, length cutting of the Grissini dough, discharge to put the shaped dough on trays
    Manual take off and manual transfer of trays on racks for proofing

Manual tray infeed on oven
Product depanner, manual transfer to packaging loader.
Imasezzadio 4 lane multihead loader with photocell detection, year of manufacturing 2003, synchronized to Record Packaging machine
Record Jaguar flowwrapper, capacity 130 packages per minute, depending on weight of product

Brand , ,
Year 1991 - 2003
Capacity depending on product
Location Southern Europe
Machine number 495
In production? No

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