Product specifications

Manufactures: Turkington, Spooner, GBS, APV, Baker Perkins, Fen, Dowson, Ferguson, Kaak
Capacity: 4.500 pieces per hour by a weight of 800 gram bread
Year: 2007
Line was operational till March 2017
Bread line consisting of:

Raw material storage

  • 4 x Crostons 30 ton aluminum silos, with 2 Kaeser air blowers, model DB 325C
  • 2 x intermediate silos, each approx. 500 kg with Donaldson filters
  • Silo control panel, PLC Plus 1000 Allan Bradley

Dough preparation

  • 2 x ingredient dosing unit for water, flour, yeast with control panels
  • 2 x Turkington Centum 1.6 mixer, (high speed batch mixers, max. 220 kg each batch), year 1997 (refurbished 2006)
  • 1 x Turkington high lift, year 1997 (refurbished 2006)
  • 2 x APV 5 pocket divider, model 9000, year 1997 (refurbished 2006), 1 in use, 1 spare
  • Dough conveyor with Lock check weigher

Proofing + make-up

  • Ambient intermediate proofer, spiral
  • 2 x Baker Perkins, model Multiflex, longmoulder, with GBS retracting belt to fill the tins
  • Transport to proofer
  • Ferguson final proofer, by swing system, temperature and humidity adjustable
  • Discharge transport to Tromp Decojet, water scoring unit 3 rows and Tube Marine decoration unit
  • GBS Lidder station


  • Fen oven loader
  • Spooner oven 3×28 meter, open wire mesh belt, gas heated, indirect heating, 5 zones
  • 5 Maxon gasburners
  • Fen oven unloader
  • Transport to GBS de-lidder station with storage of lids
  • Kaak suction depanner

Tin transport

  • Transport empty tins to tin storage with Tube Marine tin suction and tin cooler unit
  • Robot controlled tin storage system for storing and loading in the system
  • Tin greasing unit
  • Transport products to cooling


  • Elevator cooling system, swing cooler, temperature and humidity adjustable
  • Discharge transport to slice and packaging area

Slice and packaging 

  • Main conveyor, split in 2×2 lanes to 4 Dowson slice and packaging lines.
  • 4x Dowson slicers, model B51-M Slicer
  • 4x Dowson baggers, model ML 70, capacity 2.000 pieces/hour, tape closure
  • 4x Smart date X40 decoders
  • 4x Lock metal detectors
  • 4x Lock check weigher
  • Discharge conveyor to crate loader


  • Double crate loader
  • Automatic crate feeding
  • 3 Lane crate transport system
  • 3 Lane crate stackers
  • In line empty crate wash system
  • Empty crate-infeed conveyor
  • Crate de-stacking unit
  • Crate turning station to clean the crate
  • Transport to washer
  • Newsmith crate washer/dryer, model Ecomiser KM 2085
  • Transport to double crate loading station

Electrical detail: 3x 415 V – 3 Ph – 50 Hz
Controlled by Allen Bradley PLC
Manuals are available

Separate from the line: An allergen control unit with weight scales, sieves etc.

Additional important information:
There are no tins, lids and crates included

Brand , , ,
Year 2007
Capacity 4.500 pieces per hour by a weight of 800 gram bread
Machine number 550
In production? No
Sold Yes
  • Complete bread production line
  • 4.500 breads per hour by a weight of 800 gram bread

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