Product specifications

Swiss roll / layer cake line
Manufacturers: Agriflex, Indumatic, Termopan, Gorreri, Ulma
Year: 2010-2014
Capacity: 500 Kg dough/hour
Out of production

Line consisting off:
Automatically Agriflex mixing and dosing system, with 3 mixers
Piping to the line
2 Way Liquid dough sheets with ingredients to extruder (1 for white dough, 1 for color dough)
Liquid dough adjustable in width and thickness
Transport to steel belt oven, 1000 mm width
Steel belt oven with oil sprayer and belt cleaner
Termopan oven, Model HG 100/15, Gas, Baking surface 1,00×15 meter = 15 m2, 2xWeishaupt burner, 2 Zones
Dough transport rollers to the cooling conveyor underneath the oven
Wire mesh cooling belt
Gorreri dough slicing discs for longditual slicing 24 rows
Side rest dough remover
Suction device for rest crumbs
Sirop spray unit with 2x 30 nozzles for wave spraying including sirop tank
Creme depositor 12 rows
Folding shoes
Inliner/guiding for 12 rows
Belt cleaner by 2 brushes
Belt air dryer
3 Rows roller bars for Swiss rolls
Pressure roll
Horizontal guillotine with oscillating knife
Open wire mesh belt to remove rest products
180 graden band to Mayma enrobing line
Mayma chocolate enrobing line
Temprering boiler
Chocolate enrobing with open wire mesh belt
Chocolate circulation pump
Chocolate storage
Mayma Cooling tunnel
Covered, belt controlled, 2 compressors
Mayma chocolate decoration unit with cleaning
Decoration cooler
Inline stopper
Product latheral inliner
Depanning station with 2 type of depanning
1x Needle depanner (1x Left and 1x Right) for products without chocolate
1x Suction depanner (1x Left and 1x Right) for products with chocolate
Depanner transfer to packaing convyor

2 Carton machine with carton storage, carton folding, product packaging, carton closure
2 Ulma flowpackers, model Atlanta with 2 film decks for continuously packaging
2 Lines for manual blitser lay-up
Suction unit (15 positions) for packaging the blisters in one or two blitsers
Manual take of packed products
Siat pallet packer

2x Product transfer unit by suction with 24 nozzles to transport conveyor packaging
Manual Blister lay–up

Electrical 3x 400v 3Ph – 50 Hz
Controlled by PLC

Brand ,
Year 2010-2014
Capacity 500 Kg dough/hour
Location Western Europe
Machine number 687
In production? No
Sold Yes

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