Product specifications

Manufacturers: WP, Gostol, Capway and Divardy
Year of manufacturing: 2002 – 2013
Capacity: approx. 3000 breads an hour (depending on product)
Product: lidded and open top tin bread.
Line is still in production
Sale in Europe subject to restrictions

Consisting of:

Spiromatic flour weighing hopper
Spiromatic salt water installation
Spiromatic liquid yeast installation
WP-Kemper bowl lift, type: HK200, 2003
WP-Haton dough chunker, with oiling unit, 2003
WP-Haton Divider, Type B700, 4 pocket execution, 2003
Garvens Checkweigher, type S-3
WP-Haton resting belt, 2003
Gostol longmoulder, type Sora, 2017/2018, 1 pressure board, 1 driven moulding belt
Capway final proofer, type racetrack/oval, 2002 including humidity and temperature control
Kortlever decoration unit, with 5 strewers, 2003
Capway storage paternoster for lids
Capway lidder, 2002
Tromp Decojet
Capway ovenloader
WP-IB tunnel oven, 1 burner, 3 zones, 2002, baking surface 2,5 x 24 meter (60 m²)
Capway oven unloader
Divardy delidder, 2013
Divardy needle depanner, 2013
Capway automatic tin storage system, 2002
Divardy tin turning and cleaning unit, 2013
Dubor tin greasing machine, 2002/2003
Capway cooling belt, type racetrack/oval. 2 hours cooling time
Transport towards slicers (not included)
Including 6 different types of tins

Electrical: 400V, 3phase, 50 Hz

Brand , ,
Year 2002 - 2013
Capacity approx. 3000 breads an hour (depending on product)
Machine number 713
In production? Yes
  • Well maintained

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