Product specifications

Manufacturer: WP
Year: 2012
Capacity: 1-3 trolleys with tray dimensions 980 x 580 or 780 x 580
Product: Bread, Rye bread, Rolls, Assorted Danishes, Donuts, Cookies, Cakes
Still in production

Vacuum cooler consisting of:

  • WP vacuum cooler
  • Controls with Siemens touch screen
  • Solid stainless steel housing with drive-up ramp
  • Difference pressure measuring system

Electrical information: 3 x 400 V- 50 Hz
Controlled by Siemens PLC – S7 – 300

Benefits compared to regular cooling methods:

  • Wet cleaning of cell interior
  • Enormous energy savings due to reduced cooling time and low connected load ratings compared to conventional cooling
  • Easy operation thanks to retrievable product programs
  • Little loss of flavour
  • Gentle on the product thanks to differential pressure measurement
  • Minimum loss of moisture
  • Germ-free cooling
  • Maximum product quality
  • Longer lasting crispness and stability of the baked goods with reduced baking time
  • Independence from weather influences
  • Immediately ready to be cut after cooling
  • Reproducible results thanks to storable cooling programs
  • Shelf life of baked goods improved and extended up to 3 weeks
  • Enormous energy saving
  • Cost advantage – production capacity 80 % less expensive than regular cooling
  • Time savings – time effort only approx. 30 % compared to regular cooling
  • Little floor space required
  • Simple handling
Category , ,
Year 2012
Capacity 1-3 trolleys with tray dimensions 980 x 580 or 780 x 580
Location Eastern Europe
Machine number 623
In production? Yes
Sold Yes

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