Spiromatic Silo installation, 4 x 32 ton

As an SME, we always look at value for money. We know that there is a lot of, technically good, used equipment available in the market, which requires a different level of investment. We now have a silo installation which is operationally perfect and like new, but against an investment of only half of the price of a new installation. Dubet has assisted us very well in the process. It is a company that we trust.

Roel Rovers – Roel Rovers, Managing Director Buyer
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Kaak industrial bakery

As soon as we had the used industrial bakery inventory in sight, we made an extensive comparison relating to price, quality and usabiltiy compared to new equipment. Dubet was always able to provide us with the correct information. After we decided to buy the former Hoogvliet bakery, Dubet assisted the negotiations in a very professional and pleasant way. They also sold the surplus equipment from this inventory for us to other parties.

Matthew Davies – Matthew Davies, Managing Director Buyer
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Swiss roll, layer cakes and biscuits line

We have chosen to do business with Dubet because it was the fastest and most professional company among several other companies that we have approached for the line selling process. Although they may not be the cheapest intermediary, they offer you good value for your money.

Sergiu Rosca – Sergiu Rosca, Director national acquisitions Vel Pitar Group Seller
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