Ahmet Görgülü Buyer

If we have a bakery investment occasion for our production we always consider second hand lines. Although it costed time to close the deal and signing the contract as for used bakery equipment the international procedures are different than with brand new equipment, Dubet was always supportive and finally made the deal happen.

– Ahmet Görgülü, Head of Technology and Product Development department

Equipment transfer



Bakery in France



Eti Group Of Companies Headquarters – Eti Plaza

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The history of the Eti Group goes back to 1961 when they opened their first production facility in Eskişehir, Turkey. Currently they produce a wide range of own branded products including biscuits, chocolate & chocolate products, wafers, crackers, cake & pie, healthy & digestive products, breakfast products, frozen products, chilled snacks and baby products. ETi expanded their business to Romania and Poland with an ambition to become one of the top brands in Europe and bring happiness to its consumers. Nowadays the Eti Group has seven manufacturing plants on a 430.000 square meter area in total, in Eskişehir, Bozüyük and Konya in Turkey and one in Craiova, Romania.

Eti Group was looking to expand the capacity of their Rusk production. They had a very old line therefore modernization was also needed. After some investigation it became clear that with some modifications the Brioche bread line was a good solution for their need. The maintenance of this line has always been outstanding, the line was only 10 years old and can be immediately delivered.

Dubet assured a win-win transaction between the two parties.

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