Valentin Ancuta Buyer

From the past our experience is that there are well maintained used production lines available with a much lower investment compare to new. When we identified a project for the expansion of the croissant production, we received a mailing from Dubet in which they offer a croissant line. Looking to the specifications it seems to fit in our need. Dubet communicated fast and clear and helped us with the purchase of the line. Dubet has managed everything contractually and financially.

– Valentin Ancuta, Owner

Equipment transfer



Auctioner from Spain


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Derpan S.R.L. is an industrial bakery, producing namely filled croissants, strudels and muffins with a shelf life of 180 days. These are packed and delivered in bulk boxes. The bakery is 4000 m2 and fully certified according to the foods safety regulations. Derpan has its goal to produce the highest quality bakery products and strives for the best price-quality ratio.

Due to growth, Derpan needed to expand the capacity of the croissant production. Valentin Ancuta, the owner of Derpan, receives our weekly mailing with our latest supply of used bakery production lines. When we offered the Mecatherm croissant line, 24.000 pieces per hour, he contacted us immediately. We have planned a visit to the bakery in Spain, the line was still in production. The croissant line was well maintained and fitted perfectly in the plans of Derpan. Dubet assured a win-win transaction between both parties. Derpan has taken care for dismantling, transport and installation.

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