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As soon as we had the used industrial bakery inventory in sight, we made an extensive comparison relating to price, quality and usabiltiy compared to new equipment. Dubet was always able to provide us with the correct information. After we decided to buy the former Hoogvliet bakery, Dubet assisted the negotiations in a very professional and pleasant way. They also sold the surplus equipment from this inventory for us to other parties.

– Matthew Davies, Managing Director

Equipment transfer




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Hoogvliet supermarkets is a supermarket chain with more than 65 stores in the Western and Middle areas of the Netherlands. The organisation has approx. 5.000 employees. Hoogvliet is the only supermarket chain that has its own bakery, where all bread products for their stores are baked, fresh every day. This is a huge success and a few years ago it became apparent that the capacity of the bakery would no longer be sufficient. They decided to build a complete new bakery. Dubet was approached to sell the complete inventory of the old bakery. This included a combined tin bread line with a capacity of 2.800 pcs per hour and a bun and roll line with a capacity of 18.000 pcs per hour, plus ingredient storage, packaging lines etc.



Davies Bakery PTY LTD

Davies bakery

Davies Bakery is a family owned business. The family has been in the baking industry for over 130 years and is currently run by the 5th generation of Davies family. The current location in Broadmeadows was opened in 2007. The company was looking to expand their capacity and found a perfect solution in the used bakery of Hoogvliet. The equipment was from 2000 but the maintenance has always been outstanding, so the condition of the line was very good.

Dubet obtained exclusivity for the sale of the Hoogvliet bakery and mediated between the 2 parties in order to reach an agreement.

Hoogvliet bakery

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