Roel Rovers Buyer

As an SME, we always look at value for money. We know that there is a lot of, technically good, used equipment available in the market, which requires a different level of investment. We now have a silo installation which is operationally perfect and like new, but against an investment of only half of the price of a new installation. Dubet has assisted us very well in the process. It is a company that we trust.

– Roel Rovers, Managing Director

Equipment transfer



Davies Bakery

Davies bakery

DAVIES BAKERY is a family owned business. The family has been in the baking industry for over 130 years and is currently run by the 5th generation of Davies family. The current location in Broadmeadows was opened in 2007. The company was looking to expand their capacity and found a perfect solution in the used bakery of Hoogvliet. The equipment was from 2000 but the maintenance has always been outstanding, so the condition of the line was very good. Part of the complete bakery were four 32-tons flour silo’s. Davies had no need for these silo’s in Australia and asked Dubet to sell these for them.

Spiromatic silo installation


Soma rye bread bakery B.V.

logo soma

Soma bakery originated more than 120 years ago in Maastricht. Since 2003 the bakery is located in Echt and is the absolute market leader in rye bread. Their products are also available internationally. Apart from the traditional rye bread, they also bake other variants. Soma regularly buys used equipment, the silo’s from the old Hoogvliet bakery are an excellent solution for them.

soma bakkerij

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