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We have chosen to do business with Dubet because it was the fastest and most professional company among several other companies that we have approached for the line selling process. Although they may not be the cheapest intermediary, they offer you good value for your money.

– Sergiu Rosca, Director national acquisitions Vel Pitar Group

Equipment transfer



Vel Pitar Group

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Vel Pitar Group is the largest bakery company in Romania, with 12 production locations in the 10 most important cities of the country. Vel Pitar is the market leader in the bakery category and it continuously invests in the improvement of its factories and products.

In one of the Bucharest locations, Vel Pitar had a production line for Swiss roll, layer cakes and biscuits which was not in use anymore. The line was in excellent condition and therefore Vel Pitar decided to sell it. Dubet was approached by Vel Pitar to assist the line selling process.

Swiss roll


Comerford Brothers ltd.

Comerford Brothers ltd. is a family-owned company in Ireland, who have grown immensely over the last 10 years, now employing 130 people. They have specialised in different types of cakes and had an urgent need to increase their production capacity in order to meet the growing market demand. The excellent condition and immediate availability of Vel Pitar line fitted their need perfectly.

Polin line

Dubet mediated between the 2 parties and assisted in finding a reliable party for the dismantling, transportation and reinstallation of this line.

Dismantling Polin line

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